California and Nevada's Sensible Steel Framing Solution

The Tru-Frame® Special Truss Moment Frame (STMF) is a revolutionary steel framing solution designed to save California and Nevada builders considerable time and money while providing superior resistance against lateral forces from earthquakes or high winds.


Advantages of Tru-Frame®

Considered one of the greatest developments in the history of steel construction, the Tru-Frame® system is based on research from a five-year study at the University of Michigan. Tru-Frame® affords significant advantages over conventional steel framing systems, making it the smart choice for virtually any commercial building project.


  • Significantly reduces shop drawing time
  • Cuts fabrication time in half
  • Saves between 20 and 50 percent in erection time


  • Structure weight is up to 30 percent less
  • Reduced footings mean cost and time savings
  • Eliminates need for costly ultrasonic testing


  • Connections can be visually inspected any time after completion
  • liminates costly full penetration welding
  • System is fully codified for easy jurisdictional approval