Our in-house capabilities enabled us to ensure the shortest production times and expedite the steel package, including metal decking and steel joists, to site

Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA) Renzo Piano Workshop

JD2 was brought on board as the construction manager for the steel package. We procured early mill rolls of steel at a minimal management fee prior to the design being completed, which allowed our client to reduce the schedule substantially without locking into a particular fabricator too early. Once the design was complete, the steel was ready to ship to the fabricator. This saved our client time and money. We also helped to work out difficult design challenges in the pipe roof trusses, which could be visible through the glass roof, and ultimately saved our client a substantial amount of money.

Target Distribution Facility

In addition to providing substantial "value engineering," we were able to reduce fabrication and erection time dramatically. Using our innovative new erection method, which is a much safer procedure than some traditional methods, we cut the construction schedule by weeks.

Scheels All Sports

We were contracted to meet a very aggressive schedule. Not only did we meet schedule, we were able to find solutions that saved our client substantial money.

IKEA Furnishings

JD2 provided a complete re-design proposal for the second floor framing of IKEA Furnishings that saved more than $200,000 in construction costs by converting tapered plate/girders and wideflange beams to open web framing. IKEA is now using our value engineered system on future projects.

Elk Grove Promenade

The schedule for this project was aggressive: multiple buildings were scheduled to be erected each week over a two month process. JD2 recognized that it would be difficult if not impossible for one fabricator to manage this amount of work in such a short period of time, especially considering ongoing design changes, so we put together a team of eight fabricators to ensure that all scheduled dates were met.