Raley Field Downtown Baseball Stadium

To make opening day, JD2 was faced with the herculean task of reducing a 16 week delivery schedule and a 14 week erection schedule down to 6 weeks for delivery and 3 weeks for erection. Not only did we succeed in this effort, but we provided significant "value engineering" through the process that saved the River City Baseball Association time and money.


Use of the Tru-Frame™ system saved the State of California between $4.00 per square foot. Additionally, we accelerated the original schedule by almost four weeks.

Sierra Point

Because the building site for Sierra Point was a former dump site that had been built over San Francisco Bay mud, pile foundations were required. Using the Tru-Frame™ system reduced the structure weight from 1250 tons (the weight of a conventional moment frame) down to 850 tons, which dramatically reduced pile requirements and structure costs.

Iron Point

Working closely with the Engineer of Record, Marr-Shaffer-Miyamoto, JD2 was able to provide our Iron Point Capital Investors with a structure that was faster to deliver, quicker to erect, and required less foundation costs than a conventional wideflange system.

Gateway Chula Vista

By using the Tru-Frame™ system, we were able to deliver the most quality, cost-effective solution for our clients, while keeping the project on-schedule.